Blaugust 2022 – 6 – The first night

I mentioned the other day that I had a new mythic raid team. Well, on Thursday night we had our first raid together.

It sounds stupid, but I feel like the first time raiding with a new team is like going on a first date with someone. You don’t know what to wear (ok ok maybe it’s just me who likes to make sure their transmog looks good for a new team!), there’s awkward silences and equally awkward interruptions. You’re not quite too sure if they like what you do, or if you like how they interact with others. All sorts of little awkward things to figure out.

And there was plenty of awkward little things to figure out. There are a fair few people who didn’t speak at all during the night, and there were, of course, those who spoke a lot. Our raid lead seems like a nice guy, really patient and kind, so that’s definitely a positive. Others in the group were also very helpful though I wonder if we’ll have that ‘multiple raid leader voices’ issue come up in future. A few people already knew each other as they had come from a previous guild together. And some people had a sense of humour that didn’t really gel with mine (though one “joke” in particular that really pissed me off was immediately called out, so I was really pleased about that).

BUT overall, for a completely brand new team, we did really well. We stepped into heroic Fated Castle Nathria and just tried our best, not really knowing what was to come. Some people had never done CN while it was new either, so that was another challenge. But in the one short night, we got down 10/11 of the bosses, with just Sire Denathrius to go on Tuesday. Not a bad attempt for a bunch of strange strangers! 🙂

I managed to convince them to let me take a team pic at the start of the night – here’s hoping this is the beginning of a great team!

Silverback raid team – first night!

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